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CVSL Director Carol bows out in Portugal

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One of the last duties of Carol Jacklin-Jarvis (pictured on stage, second from the left) as Director of our Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership (CVSL) was to fly the flag in Portugal.

Her successor is Fidele Mutwarasibo who first joined as a Visiting Research Fellow in 2017.

Carol was there in late June and early July to help launch ‘A Digital Competence Framework for the Third Sector and Social Enterprises’ and to support training third sector leaders, before also presenting this new framework at the ‘Switch to Innovation Summit’.

CVSL is part of a multi-partner European project funded by Erasmus+, known as the EU3Digital consortium, which aims to ensure the success and sustainability of social enterprises by producing key learning materials and free access resources.

The project’s new digital competence framework reflects the needs of the third sector as it faces a complex and turbulent environment.

It highlights which areas of digital competence are most important for third sector organisations particularly smaller charities, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises and cooperatives.

A new ‘Toolkit of Digital Skills’ was launched earlier in the summer to support social enterprises and third sector organisations with going digital. It is a hands-on guide to open access tools, resources and services that can enable users to adapt dynamically and swiftly to societal changes.


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