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Dr Emma Parry

Dr Emma Parry

Careers and Employability Consultant, Careers Service: University of Sheffield

Emma is the Lead Careers and Employability Consultant for the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. She collaborates closely with a wide range of academics and professional services staff across the Faculty of Social Sciences to co-create, embed and deliver employability within the curriculum. Her teaching includes reaching students at undergraduate and postgraduate level along with providing one to one support to students.  Emma is a chartered Occupational Psychologist and prior to moving to the Higher Education sector, worked on a range of national and European projects over 20 years in the field of diversity, career development and soft skills. Emma’s PhD (completed in 2020) focused on young people’s transitions from education to employment, exploring the experiences of young people who were choosing to go directly to work from school or college to work instead of university. During her PhD, Emma developed an interest in how visual methods can enable deeper conversations with young people, supporting their exploration and understanding of complex processes around careers and employability, as well as providing rich data for critical discourse analysis as part of a research project.

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