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Joanne Abraham

Joanne Abraham

Lecturer, Business School: University of Exeter

Joanne is a lecturer at the University of Exeter Business School. She teaches accounting to complex and diverse cohorts across a range of non-accounting post-graduate programmes. Teaching and assessment design and delivery is undertaken to not only build confidence and competence to those that fear numbers, but also to build relevancy and develop application to appeal to even those that have previously undertaken accounting as (or as part of) their undergraduate study.

Her previous industry career spanned across a number of industries and organisations, and in a wide variety of roles and responsibilities including client consultancy.  Her achievements particularly focussed on a range of process-orientated and goal-focussed roles and projects.

With a rich professional skills and experience background, her teaching philosophy and methods are based around “Enable, Encourage, and Empower for Employability”. She has over 12 years’ experience in teaching a variety of modules on foundation, UG and PG programmes based upon these principles in both South-East Asia and the UK.  She is a strong believer in learning for a purpose, and her teaching and assessment is designed around business context and in developing skills for future application in study and employment.

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