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Laura Millar

Laura Millar

Strategic Manager: Fife Gingerbread

Laura is the Strategic Manager at Fife Gingerbread – a grassroots children and families charity empowering lone parents and families in need in Fife. The vision of the organisation is to create “better todays and brighter tomorrows” for children and young people growing up in poverty. This is achieved through a collaborative approach which is family led, relationships driven and grounded by co-production.

As a graduate from Strathclyde Business School she stumbled into the ‘employability world’ over 12-years ago. Since then she has developed extensive experience as a keyworker before progressing into project management and leadership roles. Laura has a strong understanding of the employability landscape, key local and national policy drivers and the complexities faced by young people, lone parents and vulnerable families.

Laura currently oversees the strategic direction of Fife Gingerbread, and is responsible for the delivery of projects (approximately £1m worth of activity each year) and supporting over 400 families every year in Fife. She also played a key role in taking the learning from Fife Gingerbread’s Making it Work for Families project, and developing this into an Intensive Family Support Service; which is a key part of the Edinburgh and South-East Scotland City Region Deal’s IRES (Integrated Regional Employability and Skills) Programme. 

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