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Julia De Meo

Julia De Meo

Honorary Strategic Adviser to the BATAYON Pathagar in Bangladesh: The Open University

Inspired by Bishankar K Sarkar. Assisting the BATAYON Pathagar in Bangladesh as an honorary Strategic Advisor. The purpose is to identify how a sustainable, scalable, library university with online access can be replicated across Bangladesh. Principles of collaborative affordable learning within the community could benefit students across the world. Seeking capital investment for a more rapid growth.

Working at The Open University for over 6 years, currently in the Strategy Office and previously within many faculties or business support areas such as assisting on the Access level 0 entry courses on VLE to postgraduate H880 on FutureLearn, which encourages an understanding of open educational resource. Eighteen months in the Enhanced Employability and Career Progression team, which excited my wish to enable more students to gain their own success.

Environmental interest has included practical roles; implementing or internal auditing ISO 14001; leading environmental improvements; going on local radio. Achieving the Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Environmental Decision Making. 

Keen on ensuring social justice, quietly raising issues at all levels in a variety of organisations, surfacing potential bias or discrimination. Achieving the Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Thinking for Change Management.

Creating opportunities for the entire community.

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