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Prof Norman Jackson

Norman Jackson

Norman is Emeritus Professor at the University of Surrey. He began his career as a geologist (university teacher/researcher and mining & field practitioner). In the middle part of his career he worked for a number of higher education agencies as inspector, researcher, policy maker, educational developer, broker and curator, before returning to the University of Surrey where he was Professor of Education and Director of the Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education (SCEPTrE). He now leads the Lifewide Education and Creative Academic education social enterprises.

His work as an educator formed around the challenges of encouraging higher education to take more seriously the creative development of learners and enable them to prepare themselves for the complexities, uncertainties and disruptions of long learning lives. At the Higher Education Academy he led work on ‘creativity in higher education’. As Director of SCEPTrE at the University of Surrey, he developed and applied the idea of lifewide learning and education to give meaning and substance to the concept of lifelong learning. The ideas of ecologies for learning and practice emerged from this work. Mindful of the growing urgency to live more sustainable lives, his current work seeks to integrate these ideas into a concept of lifelong-lifewide learning for sustainable regenerative futures.

Norman has authored many articles dealing with these aspects of education and is the senior editor for Lifewide Magazine and Creative Academic Magazine. His books include:

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