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Making Medicines in Africa

Herceptin Fab (antibody) - light and heavy chains - image

Could Biosimilars Reduce Cost of Treating NCDs? - Dinar Kale

Despite their potential, the challenge of overcoming the gap between availability and affordability for low-income populations remains.

17 February 2017, 09:29
Local production of medicines in Africa image

Kenyan and Tanzanian Medicine Producers Deserve a Shot in the Arm - Samuel Wangwe & Maureen Mackintosh

Local production of medicines can create a win-win situation for health and employment.

30 September 2016, 10:30
Machine making liquid medicines in Africa image

Continuous Improvement Is Not Enough - Julius Mugwagwa

Rather than trying to play catch-up, African pharmaceutical companies need manufacturing systems which meet users' needs both quickly and cheaply.

4 March 2016, 11:10
Innogen policy

Pharmaceutical Standards: A Challenging Balancing Act - Dinar Kale

While standards help ensure safety, they can also act as barriers to market entry. A look at the contentious issue of regulation's impact on health delivery.

20 July 2015, 16:45
Julius Mugwagwa image

Producing Medicines in Africa Will Only Work if They Can Be Distributed Properly - Julius Mugwagwa

Access to medicine relies on both production and distribution, but which should come first when it comes to health spending?

2 September 2015, 15:19
Professor Sudip Chaudhuri image

Industrial Policies Are Crucial to Ensure Markets - Sudip Chaudhuri

A new study suggests policies to ensure the required market are crucial to the promotion of local production in small African countries.

2 September 2015, 15:23
Geoff Banda image

What about National Drug Supply Security? - Geoff Banda

Geoff Banda argues that if improvements to local health systems in Africa are to be long term, then security of supply must be addressed.

2 September 2015, 15:26
Maureen Mackintosh image

Local Production Supports Rural Access to Medicines in Tanzania - Maureen Mackintosh

Maureen Mackintosh shares research showing local producers can and do benefit public health in Africa, in particular by supporting access to medicines.

2 September 2015, 15:29
Julius Mugwagwa image

Local Pharma in Africa: Going Nowhere, Slowly? - Julius Mugwagwa

How good would local manufacturing of pharmaceutical products really be for public health in Africa? Julius Mugwagwa takes a look at the evidence.

2 September 2015, 15:33

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