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Our researchers generate new knowledge on – and explore the dynamics between – the following themes.

Gender and Social Policy

This OU research theme explores gender and feminist approaches to investigate socio-economic dynamics. 

photo of mother and child at clinic in West Bengal

Health, Innovation and Equity

Innovation in industry and health systems profoundly affects access to care. We aim to bridge the gap between industrial innovation and research on health access and equity.

photo of construction worker looking up at building in progress

Infrastructures for Inclusion

Infrastructure demands are key to inclusive development. So how do we make sure no-one is excluded?

Image of solar panels and growing plants

Environment +

Transition to a low-carbon economy is mainly envisaged through technology. However, choosing a solution is not a simple matter of finding the 'best' technologies.

photo of boys and grandmother at a water pump in Thailand

Theorising Capabilities and Innovation

Human well-being is about more than income. It's about opportunities, what people can be and do – and how innovation affects this.

graphic showing money flowing across world

Finance, Innovation and Equity

Innovation is the fundamental engine of growth, employment and quality of life. How can we ensure its advantages are more evenly distributed?

girls studying in village school in India

Education for Inclusive Development

Transforming education is vital to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We are investigating innovations to increase participation in learning.

Photo of displaced families in macedonia

Migration and Forced Displacement

Migration and forced displacement are among today's most pressing global challenges. Our research focuses on mobility, skills and development, integration and citizenship. 

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To find out more about our work, or to discuss a potential project, please contact:

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