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Theorising Capabilities & Innovation

The Professional Lives and Values of Female Teachers in Rural Sub-Saharan African Schools: A Capability Perspective

This is an in-depth study of seven female teachers living and working in rural primary schools in five countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Sudan

15 June 2015, 13:59

Professor Paul Anand

Professor of Economics
FASS; Economics

15 March 2017, 11:02

Dr Alison Buckler

Research Fellow in Education and International Development
WELS; Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport

15 March 2017, 15:39

Dr Cristina Santos

Lecturer in Economics
FASS; Economics

20 March 2017, 13:31

Dr Andrea Berardi

Lecturer in Environmental Information Systems
STEM; Engineering & Innovation

20 March 2017, 13:41

Professor Hazel Johnson

Emeritus Professor
FASS; Development Policy & Practice

7 April 2017, 12:04

Dr Sue Oreszczyn

Visiting Fellow

7 April 2017, 14:09

Professor Theo Papaioannou

Professor of Politics, Innovation & Development
FASS; Development Policy & Practice

7 April 2017, 14:14

Professor David Wield

Professor of Innovation & Development
FASS; Development Policy & Practice

10 April 2017, 15:09

Professor Smita Srinivas

TCLab, Columbia University
Visiting Professor: FASS; Economics

12 April 2017, 14:19

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