What are bibliometrics?

Bibliometrics analyse research output quantitatively. They aim to find out the value and impact of particular articles, authors or journals.

Bibliometrics are largely based on counting citations and they equate a higher number of citations with greater value and impact. However, bibliometrics cannot provide a full picture of the value of an article, author or journal alone. They should be used in conjunction with other means of evaluation and might be more usefully termed quantitative research indicators.

Using bibliometrics responsibly 

Please see Library advice regarding the responsible use of quantitative research indicators (i.e. bibliometrics). This document outlines our approach to bibliometrics, representing current good practice and acting as a guide for future activities. 

Open University Statement on the Responsible Use of Research Metrics

This page details the OU’s commitment to contextualising and assessing staff recruitment, promotion, reward, retention, and development opportunities equitably and holistically, aligning with the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).

DORA Open University Case Study

The OU worked with DORA to create a case study detailing our top-down/bottom-up approach to research. Check out the full case study here.




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