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SensusAccess online conversion service

The OU provides access to SensusAccess, an exciting tool which enables print disabled students to independently convert material into a more accessible format. For example you can use SensusAccess to convert a PDF to an MP3 file, to a Word document or braille. Because the tool is online, you can access it anywhere using any online device.

To access the service, go direct to Convert a file with SensusAccess. Upload your document in Step one to reveal the format options you can convert to.  In about ten minutes, you will receive the converted item or a link in the email address you have specified.

You can find links to the Convert a file with SensusAccess  from the Library’s Disabled user support page and the Help Centre at Accessibility – using a computer for OU study.

SensusAccess isn’t always 100% accurate, but it means you can convert text yourself rather than wait for someone to convert it for you. You can use it to convert module material, but always check what format the OU has already provided first. SensusAccess is particularly useful for independent research. Please note it is unable to make mathematical and scientific notation and symbols, or tables and figures more accessible than they are in the original document.

Any feedback on using SensusAccess you can provide will be useful.

If you have any queries about using SensusAccess, please contact the OU Library Helpdesk.