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Triple success for OU in Ireland at RCN NI awards

June saw the annual RCN NI Nurse of the Year Awards and it proved to be a successful night for Open University in Ireland students and alumni.  The awards provide the opportunity to highlight and celebrate excellence within nursing in Northern Ireland and the contribution that nursing staff make to the health and well-being of people across the region.

28th June 2023

Northern Ireland employers missing out on hidden talent pool as the skills gap remains high

Times are tough for everyone, but there may be a glimmer of hope for Northern Ireland businesses if they turn their attention to untapped potential in the workforce according to this year’s Business Barometer report published by The Open University and the British Chambers of Commerce.

28th June 2023

Student Story: Overcoming challenges and celebrating success

Katie, from Belfast, faced many personal challenges while studying Nursing with The Open University (OU).

Katie is one of over 250 students crossing the stage at the Waterfront Hall on Friday 9 June as part of our Belfast Degree Ceremony. Her story is a testament to the determination and resilience of so many OU students. Student’s whose success is made possible by the flexibility and dedicated support the OU offer.

9th June 2023

Student Story: From retail to IT with 1 A-Level and The Open University

Orlagh, from Armagh, finished college with only 1 A-Level. As a young mum at the time, she thought she would never get the chance or time to study a degree. After working in retail for a decade she was made redundant and, while in part-time agency work, decided she wanted a change. She had always had a passion for IT and wanted to make that dream a reality.

That’s where The Open University (OU) came in.

With no previous qualifications required and a flexible approach to study, it was an opportunity she couldn’t refuse.

9th June 2023

Student Story: Turning obstacles into cartwheels

Anouska Black, from Craigavon, was one of over 250 students who crossed the stage at the Waterfront Hall on Friday 9 June as part of The Open University (OU) Degree Ceremony. Her journey showcases the transformative power of education and how it can uplift and empower individuals even when they face daunting challenges. 

9th June 2023

Student Story: The Power of Credit Transfer

Nick, from Belfast, had completed two years of a Physics degree when he realised he had a passion for Computing and wanted to change track. The university he was studying at didn’t allow him to change degree or include Computer Science modules. As a result, he felt stuck.

That’s where The Open University (OU) came in.

“The flexibility of the OU is what appealed to me. It allowed me to study a broad range of modules that covered topics such as computing, statistics & design.”

9th June 2023

Student Story: From 1 GCSE to University Graduate

Imagine leaving school and trying to start your career with just one GCSE. For Jason, from Belfast, this was reality. He initially pursued a plumbing apprenticeship after finishing school, hoping it would be the right fit, but soon realised his true passion lay elsewhere, engineering.

On 9 June, Jason will be at The Open University (OU) Degree Ceremony in Belfast, celebrating his success and his Bachelor of Engineering degree. He’s been on quite the journey to get to this point.

9th June 2023

Student Story: Swapping species, from pooches to people

Rea, from Northern Ireland, has used The Open University (OU) to completely change career, swapping working with animals to working with humans.

Before studying with the OU, Rea had an educational background in Animal Science and Veterinary Nursing spanning almost a decade. Having seen an OU advert on TV, she decided to make a change and start the BSc in Psychology, following on her studies with an MSc Psychology elsewhere. She now works as a Forensic Psychologist within the NHS. Asked why she shifted direction, Rea had this to say:

9th June 2023

Open University announces Honorary Graduates Gary Lightbody and Anna Burns for Belfast Degree Ceremony

The Open University is proud to announce two distinguished honorary graduates for its upcoming degree ceremony, set to take place in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast on 9 June. This special event will honour the remarkable achievements of Gary Lightbody, the lead singer of the internationally acclaimed band Snow Patrol, and Anna Burns, the esteemed author of the award-winning novel, "Milkman."

7th June 2023

Student Story: Not all superheroes wear capes

Not all superheroes wear capes, and for Larne’s Jenny Hope, the work she put it in studying with The Open University (OU) to earn the right to wear a lab coat and secure a BSc set her on the path to help fight Covid. 

26th May 2023

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