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Static Sub-surface Reactors

Static Chamber - AstrobiologyOU

The AstrobiologyOU static reactors are used to study both abiotic and biotic processes within closed-system sub-surface environments of Mars and the icy moons, for example Europa and Enceladus. 


We have three static reactors that can be used at varying pressures and temperatures, each with different maxium volumes. A Haskel air intensifier is used to increase the pressure from a standard 200 bar gas cylinder to a high 345 bar, which is the equivalent of simulating the pressures at a depth of 3.5 km beneath the surface of Mars.


  4740 4791 4793
Specification of the reactor      
Volume 75 ml 25 ml 100 ml
Main composition Stainless Steel Hastalloy Stainless Steel
Flow through system No Yes Yes
Composition of gasket PTFE Graphite PTFE Graphite PTFE Graphite
Max and min temperaturea 350 to 538 °C -10 to 450 °C -10 to 450 °C
Max and min pressureb 12.7 to 58.6 MPa 0 to 207 MPa 0 to 207 MPa

aDepending on the pressure; b Depending on temperature

5 ml samples can be collected under high pressure and temperature.


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