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Early Career Researchers

AstrobiologyOU crosses the traditional academic disciplines and brings together expertise in science, technology, governance, international development and education, and so do our Early Career Researchers.

Spanning all five disciplines fellows, post-docs and PhD students alike work in a wide range of areas studying microbiology, geochemistry, geology, atmospheric chemistry, international development, space governance, space industry, minerology and instrumentation.

AstrobiologyOU PhD Graduates: Two PhD graduates discuss AstrobiologyOU
at their Open University graduation day.


PhD Students

Postdoctoral Researchers

Research Fellows
Bea Baharier Dr Claire Batty Dr Mark Fox-Powell
Aedan Baker Dr Simone Cogliati Dr Nisha Ramkissoon
Alvaro Del Moral Dr Rachael Hamp Dr Julia Semprich
Amy Dugdale Dr Michael Macey  
Devyani Gajjar Dr Natalie Traviño  
Velislava Ilieva    
Daniel Loy    
Grace Richards    
Silvio Sinibaldi    
Lewis Sym    
Ben Tatton