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Open for Business

AstrobiologyOU pushes the boundaries of science and engineering. We actively seek to engage in commercial and social enterprise projects as a means of maximising the reach, significance and impact of our academic activities.

We have invested in a portfolio of world-leading facilities, analytical capabilities and, more importantly, in a multi-disciplinary team with a track-record of delivering solutions for both academic and commercial projects globally.

Potential engagement mechanisms with our group include:

  • Contract research
  • Consultancy
  • Joint applications to commercial funders (e.g. Innovate UK)
  • Provision of commercial laboratory services 
  • Provision of bespoke training courses
  • Contributions to national and international policy
  • Licensing of our intellectual property

Our Research England Expanding Excellence in England funding will allow us to expand these activities to cover Space Governance and Law and International Development and Inclusive Innovation.

AstrobiologyOU aims to:

  • Build long term strategic relationships with external partners
  • Maximise the impact of our enterprise activities through effective collaboration

Funding Opportunity for SMEs

AstrobiologyOU can facilitate engagement with SMEs by leveraging funding through the SPRINT programme, amongst others.

If you would like further information please email: