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Join our team as a PDRA - CLOSED

We have a Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Planetary Geochemistry) position available for applications:

The Role

This post is funded through STFC to generate new understanding of the geochemistry of the ice shell on Jupiter’s moon Europa. You will use an experimental approach explore the formation of salt-rich ices generated by dynamic processes such as brine-and-ice volcanism, building a comprehensive picture of their potential diversity and relationship to the subsurface ocean. You will combine cryogenic laboratory experiments with analytical tools to investigate composition and structure of ices delivered to Europa’s surface, informing observations by upcoming missions such as the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer and Europa Clipper. You will be welcomed into the Open University’s vibrant planetary science and astrobiology research communities, joining an interdisciplinary team investigating the potential for life beyond Earth.


Job Description


Find out more about the role including how to apply visit the full job advert


Applications have now closed