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Summit for Space Sustainability

Thomas Cheney and others will be attending the Secure World Foundation’s Summit for Space Sustainability being hosted at the Science Museum in London 22-3 June. This is the fourth Summit for Space Sustainability but the first to be held in the UK. It will be co-hosted by the UK Space agency and “is a high-level, multi-day event focused on developing solutions for space sustainability.” It has the theme “Global Priorities for Space Sustainability,” and “is a unique gathering of global stakeholders from government, industry, and civil society. This event will feature keynotes, interactive sessions, panels, and networking designed to highlight opportunities and challenges for developing solutions for space sustainability.”

There will be a range of issues explored ruing the conference. The first panel looks at the issues presented by mega constellations and general increase in activity in low Earth orbit. The second panel looks at creating a trans-Atlantic approach to Space Traffic Management. Followed by a panel on space sustainability and the rules-based order and finally a panel on ‘space’s PR problem.’ The final event of the first day is a message from HRH The Prince of Wales and for those under 30 a student and young professionals reception with Neil deGrasse Tyson as speaker.

Day two, will be opened by George Freeman MP, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation. This will be followed by a panel discussing the proposal to ban destructive anti-satellite weapons (ASATs). Then a panel on ‘living in low earth orbit’, active debris removal, lunar governance and finally a series of ‘spotlight talks’.

The summit presents an important opportunity to discuss issues vital for the future of space exploration and network with key figures in industry, academia and government in the UK, Europe and the United States.