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Why work with us?

In AstrobiologyOU we advocate a multidisciplinary approach to a variety of technical and educational challenges. We have assembled a portfolio of world-leading facilities and host a diverse team of experts with a track record of delivering a wide range of projects globally. 

We actively seek to engage in commercial and social enterprise activities as a means of maximising the reach, significance and impact of our work. 

How can we work with you?

Potential forms of engagement include:

Our expertise and capabilities

  • Education and engagement
  • Space governance
  • International development
  • Microbiology and low-biomass molecular biology  
  • Simulation of extreme biotic / abiotic environments in flow-through and static reactors 
  • Geochemical and thermochemical modelling: rock / fluid interactions  
  • Low pressure UV irradiated chambers: dry heat microbial reduction  
  • Hypervelocity impact experiments 
  • Analytical: gas chromatography / FID and NIR spectrometry  


For further information please see our Facilities page. 

If you would like further information please email us at: