Edinburgh Indian Association


George Square Edinburgh, EH8 9LF
United Kingdom
Date began: 
01 Jan 1883

The Edinburgh Indian Association was founded in 1883. It was a society for students from India who had come to study in Edinburgh. In supplying figures to the 1907 Lee-Warner Committee into Indian Students, they mentioned eighty-four Indian members. They held regular social events and debates for Indians in Edinburgh and for Scottish members.

In 1911, the Association was involved in litigation in order to win independence from the university authorities. 

Involved in events details: 

Gave evidence to Lee-Warner Committee into Indian Students, 1907

Gave evidence to Lytton Committee into Indian Students, 1921-2

Published works: 

Edinburgh Indian Association, 1883-1983 (Centenary Issue, 1983)

See reports of activities in Journal of the National Indian Association

Secondary works: 

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Archive source: 

Correspondence and papers, GB/NNAF/C75445, Edinburgh University Library, Edinburgh

Annual Dinner Programme 1937, GB239 GD1/50, Lothian Health Services Archive, Edinburgh University Library, Edinburgh