Other names: 

India: A Journal for the Discussion of Indian Affairs
India: A Record and Review of Indian Affairs

Date began: 
01 Jan 1890
Precise date began unknown: 
Date ended: 
01 Jan 1921
Precise date ended unknown: 

India was the journal produced by the British Committee of the Indian National Congress. It began as a monthly journal and then became a weekly digest. The British Committee of the Indian National Congress was made up of British men interested in India and some Indians who were based in London. They sought to organize sympathizers to Congress in Britain, write and distribute Congress annual reports and literature, and raise Congress petitions in Parliament through the Indian Parliamentary Committee, chaired by William Wedderburn. The journal was used for some of these purposes and to give an accurate account of events in India to British readers.

It was edited by British individuals: William Digby (1890-92), Morse Stephens (1893), Gordon Hewart (1893-1905), J. Muirhead (Prof.) (1905-6), H. E. A. Cotton (1906-19), H. S. Polak (1919-20).

Secondary works: 

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