J. M. R. Jayakar

Other names: 

Jayapal Jayakar


Jayapal Jayakar was the son of M. R. Jayakar, a former judge of the Federal Court of India. He was sent to Oxford in 1932 by his father who enlisted the help of Dhanvathi Rama Rau and Edward Thompson to look after him when he arrived in Britain. Jayakar was unable to gain admission into Oxford University at the first attempt but remained in Oxford to study for the entrance exams, and became a member of the Oxford Majlis and Lotus Club in the meantime. He passed through Oxford in 1937 and married a British woman. Jayakar was interested in flying and became a Pilot Officer. The picture above shows Jayakar on 19 January 1940 giving Link Trainer instruction which trains pilots in a non-flying aeroplane. He was the first Indian to receive a commission in the RAF.

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Archive source: 

M. R. Jayakar Papers, National Archives of India, New Delhi

E. J. Thompson Papers, Bodleian Library, Oxford

Portrait, National Portait Gallery, London