M. Kumaramangalam

Other names: 

Mohan Kumaramangalam

Surendra Mohan Kumaramangalam


King's College Cambridge, CB2 1ST
United Kingdom
52° 12' 15.588" N, 0° 7' 2.064" E
Eton College SL4 6DW
United Kingdom
51° 28' 59.628" N, 0° 36' 20.6352" W
Date of birth: 
01 Nov 1916
City of birth: 
Country of birth: 
Date of death: 
30 May 1973
Location of death: 

Mohan Kumaramangalam was born in London in 1916 to Paramasiva and Radhabhai Subbarayan. He studied at Eton and then at King's College, Cambridge University. He became President of the Cambridge Majlis in Lent 1937 and President of the Cambridge Union in Michaelmas 1938. He was also a member of the Federation of Indian Students' Societies and an active socialist. He was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple and went to India in 1939.

Mohan Kumaramangalam was a member of the Communist Party of India (CPI) until 1966 when he joined the Indian National Congress.


Indira Gandhi (served in her cabinet), M. K. Gandhi, Khushwant Singh.

Cambridge Union

Published works: 

Indians Fight for Equality in South Africa (Bombay; People's Publishing House, 1946)

India's Language Crisis (Madras: New Century Book House, 1965)

Democracy and Cult of Individual (New Delhi: National Book Club, 1966)

Constitutional Amendments (New Delhi: All India Congress Committee, 1971)

Coal Industry in India (New Delhi: Oxford & IBH Pub. Co., 1973)

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Judicial Appointments (New Delhi: Oxford & IBH Pub. Co, 1973)

Steel Holding Company (New Delhi: Mainstream, 1973)

Secondary works: 

Haksar, P. N., Premonitions (Bombay: Interpress, 1979)

Kiernan, V. G., 'Mohan Kumaramangalam in England', Socialist India, 23 February 1974

Archive source: 

Cambridge Majlis minute book, Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

L/PJ/12/4, India Office Records, Asian and African Studies Reading Room, British Library, St Pancras