N. C. Daruwalla


Dinglewood Preparatory School Colwyn Bay, LL29 7PL
United Kingdom
53° 17' 39.7392" N, 3° 43' 22.0368" W
Gillingham School
Hardings Lane
Gillingham, SP8 4QP
United Kingdom
51° 2' 15.2088" N, 2° 16' 7.23" W
King Alfred School
North End Road
London, NW11 7HY
United Kingdom
51° 34' 14.3544" N, 0° 11' 20.5152" W
Date of birth: 
01 Jan 1890
Precise DOB unknown: 
Date of death: 
01 Jan 1961
Precise date of death unknown: 
Dates of time spent in Britain: 

c.a. 1918-21


N. C. Daruwalla was educated at Cambridge, Colwyn Bay, Oxford, Gillingham Grammar School (Dorset) and King Alfred School, Hampstead. He was fellow of the Royal Economic Society. He taught history at various schools in Britain and India including: Zoroastrian Boarding School, Deolali; St Xavier’s College, Bombay; Dinglewood, Colwyn Bay; Gillingham Grammar School, Dorset; and King Alfred School, London. He returned to India in 1921 and taught at Government College, Lahore before partition. He was the father of the poet Keki Daruwalla.


Josephine Ransom (editor of Britain and India)

Published works: 

Bombay as an Educational Centre (1921)

The Teaching of History (1923)

Contributions to periodicals: 

Britain and India, 1920

Herald of the Star, 1920