Thomas Sturge Moore

Other names: 

T. Sturge Moore

Date of birth: 
04 Mar 1870
City of birth: 
Country of birth: 
Date of death: 
18 Jul 1944
Location of death: 
Windsor, England

40 Well Walk, Hampstead, London


Thomas Sturge Moore was a poet, author, playwright, wood-engraver and critic. Moore was the brother of Bloomsbury philosopher G. E. Moore. He was good friends with William Butler Yeats (introduced by Laurence Binyon in 1899).

Moore helped correct English translations of Rabindranath Tagore and Purohit Swami, and was one of the people who nominated Tagore for the Nobel Prize. Moore's wife, Marie Sturge Moore, translated Tagore's The Crescent Moon into French, which appeared in 1924 under the title La Jeune Lune. After having introduced Purohit Swami to Yeats, Moore fell out with the Swami over his work on correcting the Swami's English. When Purohit Swami offered Moore £10 as part payment for his work, Moore became offended by the sum, not expecting any payment and rather expecting a share of the royalties. Moore was also friends with the Indian artist and engraver Mukul Dey who had taught at Tagore's Santiniketan and exhibited at Wembley in 1924.


Laurence Binyon, Katherine Bradley, Edith Emma Cooper, Mukul Dey, Aldous Huxley, Harold Monro, Marie Sturge Moore (wife), G. E. Moore (brother), George Russell (AE), Ranjee G. Shahani, Purohit Swami, Rabindranath Tagore, William Butler Yeats.

Published works: 

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The Centaur's Booty (London: Duckworth, 1903) 

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The Powers of the Air (London: G. Richards, 1920)

Judas (London: G. Richards, 1923) 

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Secondary works: 

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Archive source: 

Thomas Sturge Moore Papers, MS978, Senate House Library, University of London 

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