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Evaluation of D-flag students accessibility to and use of online tutorials and forums in L2 modules

Attendance at online tutorials by LHCS students continues to be low. In addition, participation in student forums, particularly tutor group forums, tends to be sporadic and linked to essential module-based activities, rather than facilitating a routine means of communication and sharing of ideas. The concern is that students may not access these online resources because of a lack of confidence with the technology, technical issues, and fear of the online classroom environment. Students with D markers related to mental health issues may be particularly sensitive to these issues. Once students opt out of trying to attend synchronous tuition events, this may be a pervading pattern of behaviour throughout their studies. Similarly, students frequently utilise informal social media groups such as FaceBook, WhatsApp and Twitter instead of module-based forums which may be an accessibility issue or perception of their usefulness. Overall these trends may lead to lack of engagement with the module as well as practical or collaborative work, affecting retention and student’s learning experience. It is widely accepted that students who engage more fully and feel a greater sense of community have enhanced learning capabilities and a more fulfilling experience.

Using online questionnaires, students studying both S294 and SK299 will be asked about their perceptions of both synchronous and asynchronous facilities and the perceived barriers to their use. Following on from the questionnaire, those students with D markers related to mental health who responded, will be interviewed to better understand their perceptions of synchronous and asynchronous online systems and how we can build confidence in use of these resources.

Through informed student consultation via an online questionnaire and telephone or online interviews we hope to develop a strategy to adapt our current tuition model thereby improving student access to tutorials and forum resources.

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