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OpenWASH evaluation

OpenWASH is an international Open University programme that provides learning resources for the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector in Ethiopia. The initial project (2014-2016), in partnership with UNICEF and World Vision Ethiopia, produced five OpenWASH modules and a Trainers’ Handbook. A sixth module was produced in 2018 in partnership with WaterAid Ethiopia.

Since 2016, the original five modules have been piloted in selected Ethiopian colleges and used by other training organisations. The purpose of this evaluation project was to assess the impact of OpenWASH on colleges and other users in Ethiopia. It also aimed to identify possible future activities to extend the use of OpenWASH and maximise its value for all potential users.

The main activities were undertaken during a visit to Ethiopia in early 2019. Staff from four colleges and two other training providers were interviewed to collect data on their use of the modules and the effects of OpenWASH on their teaching.

The interviews revealed that OpenWASH has been highly successful and had a positive impact on WASH teaching and training in Ethiopia. All current users are enthusiastic about the modules and value the added dimension and innovation that OpenWASH has provided.

There is considerable scope for expanding the use of OpenWASH by wider dissemination to more colleges and to other potential users.

The report concludes with a set of recommendations for possible future activities to further develop the impact of OpenWASH in Ethiopia. The recommendations are:

  1. Expand use of OpenWASH to other colleges
  2. Provide more Training of Trainer events
  3. Clarify links between OpenWASH and Occupational Standards
  4. Promote use of Count me in! Inclusive WASH in Ethiopia
  5. Organise an OpenWASH publicity event
  6. Establish an OpenWASH user network
  7. Complete translation work.

The recommendations include some suggestions for possible implementation.


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