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AL Skills Register

This section contains a variety of resources. These include not only items produced by eSTEeM but also other items which we think may be of interest to the higher education teaching community, including journal articles, presentations, websites and links to videos.

Many eSTEeM projects require assistance with a variety of tasks, such as the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, literature reviews or running focus groups with students on a particular module. Therefore, if you do not wish to be substantially involved in a project but would be interested in contributing to a project, then please complete an AL skills register and return it to us at

We will keep your details on file and when an opportunity arises we will try to match ALs according to their skills and experience and areas of interest. We will ask you to review your details every 2 years; however, you are free to opt out at any time by contacting us to be removed from the database.