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Solstice Seminars at the European Lunar Symposium

Thursday, June 20, 2024 - 18:30 to 21:30
Crichton Memorial Church, The Crichton, Dumfries, DG1 4ZZ
Photo of the Moon

Solstice Seminars at the European Lunar Symposium:
The Cutting Edge of Lunar Exploration 

The Open University in Scotland is delighted to co-host this public event in partnership with the Crawick Multiverse Trust. 

This public engagement event is for anyone interested in space science and in the European Lunar Symposium. It is most relevant for ages 14+. 

The European Lunar Symposium is the premier Moon-focussed meeting in Europe, attracting experts from across the world to discuss the latest developments in science and exploration of the Moon. The European Lunar Symposium 2024 is taking place in Dumfries in June. 

The speakers at this public event are all leaders in space science. They are at the forefront of exploration of the Earth's Moon and are European Lunar Symposium delegates. Through the talks and discussions at this event, they will share their experiences behind the scenes of lunar explorations, including the history of private companies being involved in space travel, and the significance of searching for water on the Moon.  

Taking place on the day of summer solstice 2024 - the day of the year when the Sun reaches its northernmost position as seen from the Earth - this event follows last year's Solstice Seminars hosted by the OU and the Crawick Multiverse in Dumfries and Galloway.   

Speakers will include: 

  • Masaki Fujimoto, Deputy Director General of Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of JAXA, the science institute of Japanese space agency 
  • Bethany Ehlmann,  Principal Investigator of NASA's Lunar Trailblazer
  • Tim Crain, Chief Technology Officer at Intuitive Machines

Starting with a drinks reception in the Crichton Memorial Church, attendees will then be led to the Easterbrook Hall (within 5-minutes walking distance) for the talks and panel discussion.
18:30-20:00: Drinks reception, Crichton Memorial Church
20:00-21:30: Talks and panel Q&A, Easterbrook Hall

Tickets are £5.00 and bookable via Eventbrite page for Solstice Seminars at the European Lunar Symposium.

There is a wide range of free learning about planetary and space sciences on the OU’s free learning site OpenLearn, including a collection of courses, articles, videos, audios and interactive features on Moons.

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