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Applying for your part-time fee grant

69 per cent of our students receive a Part-Time Fee Grant

If you’re studying at least 30 credits at undergraduate level and your personal income is £25,000 or less (including replacement living-cost benefits), you may be eligible for a Part-Time Fee Grant, which will cover the cost of your course fees.

Register for your modules and apply for Part-Time Fee Grant: 

Part-Time Fee grant applications for courses starting in the 2023/2024 academic year are open.

For courses starting in April 2024, you need to register for your modules and submit your Part-Time Fee Grant application to Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) by 7 March 2024. For courses starting in May, you need to register and submit your Part-Time Fee Grant application by 4 April 2024. We recommend completing your Part-Time Fee Grant application as soon as possible.

Details on how to register your place and a step-by-step guide to applying to SAAS for a Part-Time Fee Grant are at

For postgraduate study tuition fee loans are available. 


The word 'Scots' in Scrabble letters

First teacher training course to embed Scots language

The OU in Scotland and Education Scotland have created a course for teachers on how to include Scots language and culture in their classrooms.

6th February 2024
Back Row: Catriona Willis, Highland One World; Cllr Karl Rosie, Chair of the Climate Change committee; Council Leader Cllr Raymond Bremner; Gemma Burnside, Open University. Front Row: Riley McLeod-Taylor (16), Sophie Lambert (16), Mark Fernando (17), Ella Paterson (17) and Adnan Hussain (17)

Future sustainability leaders attend Mock COP28

Secondary school pupils across the Scottish Highlands are taking part in a ‘Mock COP28’, to share the ambition of young people working for a fairer and more sustainable world.

1st December 2023
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