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Congratulations to Lois Damptey

Lois Damptey, a GCRF funded PhD student at the school of Engineering and Innovation, under the supervision of Professor Satheesh Krishnamurthy, Prof N.S. Braithwaite and Prof Vasant Kumar (from University of Cambridge), The Open University has won the best 'Youth Excellence award in Science and Engineering' in Ghana. Her PhD work focussed on providing low-cost technological solutions to treat wastewater streams. More information

This award was presented by one of Ghana's flagship online media platforms owned by AfricaWeb Holding ( ). This award was out of a competitive pool of amazing scientists and engineers who have helped in the development of Ghana and internationally. Lois has served as a beacon to young scientists and engineers especially females through various developmental projects. Lois through her 2 non-profit governmental organisations; Sankofa Mentorship Hub and Dear Young Graduate, helps empower rural schools in Ghana with practical STEM education in experiential engineering education and provide accessibility to further education (aimed at SDG4) to over 50,000 international students. She also lent her voice and feedback to OpenSTEM Africa project conducted by The Open University.