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Professor Theo Zamenopoulos’ Inaugural Lecture

The making of design creatives: Unlocking design capabilities to address societal challenges

Date: Thursday 20 April 2023, 12:00 – 13:00

Venue: Berrill Lecture Theatre, Walton Hall, MK7 6AA

In his inaugural lecture, Theo Zamenopoulos, Professor of Citizen-led design, will discuss the work and capabilities of design creatives and their contribution to addressing societal challenges.

Theodore Zamenopoulos is Professor of Citizen-led Design at the Open University and a professional architect. He has led co-design and participatory action research projects, working with citizens, communities, and organisations across the third, public and private sectors. He has also conducted empirical studies of design cognition using brain-imaging (fMRI), as well as computational and logico-mathematical studies of design.

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Event programme:

11:00   Registration

12:00 Inaugural Lecture

12:40   Q&A

13:00 Reception

To attend the event in person or watch online: book here

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