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The Conversation (web) 16 December

Dr Miguel Valdez, Lecturer in Technology and Innovation Management, is the lead author on an article published in The Conversation. The article was co-written with Professor Matthew Cook and Professor Stephen Potter and is based on recent research by the Future Urban Environments Group. They discuss their work on an Electric Vehicle infrastructure project funded by Innovate UK in the context of a recently announced “green industrial revolution” which will bring forward to 2030 a ban on selling new petrol and diesel cars.

Because electric and hybrid vehicles account for less than 1% of cars on British roads there is an urgent need to provide the infrastructure needed for what could be a hundredfold increase in demand for charging infrastructure but the danger is that today’s needs in the still-emerging electric vehicle market might not be right for the mass market of the 2030s. You can read the article here to learn more about how said risk is being managed through a number of government-funded projects exploring different approaches to providing electric charging in public spaces: Millions of cars will need charging in future - but how?