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Dr Alex Forsey

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Externally funded projects

True Colours: The effects of detergent use on the historic interpretation, understanding and conservation of museum textiles
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Co-investigator01 Oct 201930 Sep 2023AHRC Arts & Humanities Research Council

This PhD project is an AHRC funded Collaborative Doctoral Partnership between the V&A and the OU. This interdisciplinary project between the Open University and the V&A Museum aims to examine how conservators and curators make decisions about cleaning museum textiles, and the effect of conventional wet-cleaning on museum textiles. In doing so it aims to enhance museum conservation and curatorial practices as well as to develop improved cleaning processes for museum textiles. This research thus has excellent potential to development innovative practical and inexpensive cleaning techniques as well as improved decision-making strategies that can be adopted by the textile conservation profession, within and beyond the UK.


Stress driven creep deformation and cavitation damage in pure copper (2022-01-26)
Das, Yadunandan; Fernandez-Caballero, Antonio; Elmukashfi, Elsiddig; Jazaeri, Hedieh; Forsey, Alex; Hutchings, Michael T.; Schweins, Ralf and Bouchard, P. John
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 833, Article 142543

Creep deformation measurement of ex‐service 12% Cr steel over nonuniform stress fields using digital image correlation (2022)
Rooyen, Melody; Forsey, Alexander N.; Gungor, Salih and Becker, Thorsten H.
Strain, 58, Article e12400(1)

Additive manufacturing of bio-inspired multi-scale hierarchically strengthened lattice structures (2021-08)
Tan, Chaolin; Zou, Ji; Li, Sheng; Jamshidi, Parastoo; Abena, Alessandro; Forsey, Alex; Moat, Richard J.; Essa, Khamis; Wang, Minshi; Zhou, Kesong and Attallah, Moataz M.
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 167, Article 103764

The τ-plot, a multicomponent 1-D pole figure plot, to quantify the heterogeneity of plastic deformation (2020-02)
Simm, T. H.; Das, Y. B.; Forsey, A. N.; Gungor, S.; Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Prakash, D. G. L.; Moat, R. J.; Birosca, S.; da Fonseca, J. Quinta and Perkins, K. M.
Materials Characterization, 160, Article 110114

Examining Stress Relaxation in a Dissimilar Metal Weld Subjected to Postweld Heat Treatment (2018-11)
Abburi Venkata, K.; Khayatzadeh, S.; Achouri, A.; de Oliveira, J. Araujo; Forsey, A. N.; Gungor, S.; Bouchard, P. J. and Truman, C. E.
Materials Performance and Characterization, 7(4) (pp. 675-692)

Mechanical Property Heterogeneity in Additively Manufactured Nickel Superalloy (2018-01-17)
Forsey, Alex; Das, Yadunandan; Simm, Thomas H.; Clark, Dan; Boswell, John; Gungor, Salih and Moat, Richard
Materials Science and Engineering A, 712 (pp. 681-684)

The influence of temperature on deformation-induced martensitic transformation in 301 stainless steel (2018)
Das, Yadunandan B.; Forsey, Alexander N.; Kelleher, Joe; Kabra, Saurabh; Fitzpatrick, Michael E.; Simm, Thomas H.; Gungor, Salih and Moat, Richard J.
Materials Science and Technology, 34(17) (pp. 2114-2125)

Residual stress measurement round robin on an electron beam welded joint between austenitic stainless steel 316L(N) and ferritic steel P91 (2017-07)
Javadi, Y.; Smith, M.C.; Abburi Venkata, K.; Naveed, N.; Forsey, A.N.; Francis, J.A.; Ainsworth, R.A.; Truman, C.E.; Smith, D.J.; Hosseinzadeh, F.; Gungor, S.; Bouchard, P. J.; Dey, H.C.; Bhaduri, A.K. and Mahadevan, S.
International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 154 (pp. 41-57)

Measurement of Creep Deformation across Welds in 316H Stainless Steel Using Digital Image Correlation (2017-02-28)
Sakanashi, Y.; Gungor, S.; Forsey, A. N. and Bouchard, P. J.
Experimental Mechanics, 57(2) (pp. 231-244)

In situ observation of strain and phase transformation in plastically deformed 301 austenitic stainless steel (2016-12-15)
Das, Yadunandan B.; Forsey, Alexander N.; Simm, Thomas H.; Perkins, Karen M.; Fitzpatrick, Michael E.; Gungor, Salih and Moat, Richard J.
Materials & Design, 112 (pp. 107-116)

Demosaicing images from colour cameras for digital image correlation (2016-11)
Forsey, A. and Gungor, S.
Optics and lasers in engineering, 86 (pp. 20-28)

A new method for quantifying anisotropic martensitic transformation strains accumulated during constrained cooling (2014-08-12)
Mark, A. F.; Moat, R.; Forsey, A.; Abdolvand, H. and Withers, P. J.
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 611 (pp. 354-361)

An assessment of the mechanisms of transformation plasticity in SA508 Grade 3 steel during simulated welding thermal cycles (2014)
Francis, J. A.; Moat, R. J.; Abdolvand, H. and Forsey, A.
In : 7th International Conference on Mechanical Stress Evaluation by Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation (MECA SENS VII 2013 (10-12 Sep 2013, Sydney, Australia) (pp. 188-193)