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Mr Christopher Spedding

Profile summary

Professional biography

I completed my undergraduate MEng Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University in 2015 and joined the Ofgem Graduate Development Programme. Whilst at Ofgem, I undertook roles in consumer protection, horizon scanning and future energy systems, and distribution networks policy. In March 2017 I joined the Office of the Chief Economist as a Policy Manager, responsible for a small team of horizon scanners reporting directly to the Chief Economist. 

In September 2017, I joined the Imperial-Cambridge-Open Nuclear Energy CDT, as a Cohort 4 member. In this time, I undertook an MRes in Nuclear Energy at Imperial, prior to beginning my PhD in earnst at the OU. My area of study is in the use of nuclear power systems for extra terrestrial construction purposes, namely in the creation of radiation shields for habitats using indigenous materials and ISRU processes. I also have a strong research interest in mixed-methods approaches for anticipating future challenges, and distilling insights through expert elicitation.

I work on my PhD on Fridays, and work as the Technological Risk Programme Manager for BASIC Mon-Thurs.

Research interests

My research interests lie primarily in the nexus between technology and policy, specifically in space architecture and engineering.