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Funding success: Understanding radio resistance in paediatric brain cancer

LHCS researchers Golding, Crea, Bacon and Stramek have assembled an international team to examine the genetic changes that occur in response to radiotherapy in the highly aggressive childhood brain cancer, known as DIPG. Radiotherapy is the only approved treatment for DIPG, but patients generally fail to respond after a few months and then the disease continues. Tragically, the average survival time for DIPG is only 6-8 months.

1st July 2021

New publication

Laura Lopez-Cruz and Christopher Heath have published a review in the journal Lab Animal

Using touchscreen-delivered cognitive assessments to address the principles of the 3Rs in behavioural science

21st June 2021

Grant success

Congratulations to Laura Lopez-Cruz who has been awarded a Royal Society Research grant entitled A translational approach to study individual differences in cognitive affective bias: neural underpinnings of vulnerability to depression with Christopher Heath as a collaborator.

Find out more about the project on Laura's profile


21st June 2021

LHCS renews its Athena Swan Bronze Award

LHCS has renewed its Athena Swan Bronze Award. This award recognises our efforts to support all our staff and students through inclusive and equitable practices and our continuing commitment to achieving gender equality.

10th May 2021

Two new cancer research papers

LHCS academics have recently published a new paper in the journal Molecular Oncology identifying an evolutionary conserved long non-coding RNA that drives the progression of neuroendocrine prostate cancer (the most lethal form of this disease).

In addition, Dr Francesco Crea has also recently contributed to a publication in Cancer Letters reviewing the role of long non-coding RNAs in the resistance cancer cells to the chemotheraputic agent doxorubicin. 

19th April 2021

LHCS newsletter

We are pleased to announce the first newsletter from the School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences (LHCS) is now available to read here

31st March 2021

New publication in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Check out LHCS academic, Nick Power's latest collaborative publication in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering on the synthesis of carbon quantum dots on–off metal ions sensor via a more efficient and environmentally benign process in comparison to conventional batch synthetic methods from glucose biomass precursor.
10th March 2021

New OpenLearn article available

Katja Rietdorf and Emily Coode have published a new OpenLearn article Broken Hearts in Batten Disease (Juvenile Dementia). Read the article in full here

16th February 2021

OU researcher's work on Journal of Physical Chemistry cover

Congratulations to Yao Zhu whose recent article in Journal of Physical Chemistry has been selected for the journal's cover. 

See the cover here and read the paper in full.  


22nd January 2021

New BioRxiv paper shows the cellular consequences of N-glycanase 1 deficiency

Former OU PhD student Sarah Needs, Drs Martin Bootman and Sarah Allman have published a new BioRxiv preprint describing the cellular consequences of a rare genetic disease that is often called NGLY1 (more formally N-glycanase 1 deficiency) that leads to developmental delay and neurological issues. The study shows that cells with NGLY1 deficiency have increased autophagy ('self-eating'; a cell survival process that can also lead to cell death) potentially as mechanism to cope with accumulation of misfolded proteins.

15th January 2021

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