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Chronic airflow obstruction attributable to poverty in the multinational Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD) study (2023-11-08)
Patel, Jaymini H.; Amaral, Andre F. S.; Minelli, Cosetta; Elfadaly, Fadlalla G.; Mortimer, Kevin; El Sony, Asma; El Rhazi, Karima; Seemungal, Terence A. R.; Mahesh, Padukudru Anand; Obaseki, Daniel O.; Denguezli, Meriam; Ahmed, Rana; Cherkaski, Hamid; Koul, Parvaiz; Rashid, Abdul; Loh, Richard Li Cher; Lawin, Herve; Al Ghobain, Mohammed; Nafees, Asaad Ahmed; Aquart-Stewart, Althea; Harrabi, Imed; Buist, Sonia and Burney, Peter G. J.
Thorax, 78 (pp. 942-945)

Locally correct confidence intervals for a binomial proportion: A new criteria for an interval estimator (2023)
Garthwaite, Paul H.; Moustafa, Maha W. and Elfadaly, Fadlalla G.
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics ((Early access))

BIMAM—a tool for imputing variables missing across datasets using a Bayesian imputation and analysis model (2021-10)
Elfadaly, Fadlalla G; Adamson, Alex; Patel, Jaymini; Potts, Laura; Potts, James; Blangiardo, Marta; Thompson, John and Minelli, Cosetta
International Journal of Epidemiology, 50(5) (pp. 1419-1425)

Prevalence and Population Attributable Risk for Chronic Airflow Obstruction in a Large Multinational Study (2021-06-01)
Burney, Peter; Patel, Jaymini; Minelli, Cosetta; Gnatiuc, Louisa; Amaral, André F. S.; Kocabaş, Ali; Cherkaski, Hamid Hacene; Gulsvik, Amund; Nielsen, Rune; Bateman, Eric; Jithoo, Anamika; Mortimer, Kevin; Sooronbaev, Talant M.; Lawin, Hervé; Nejjari, Chakib; Elbiaze, Mohammed; El Rhazi, Karima; Zheng, Jin-Ping; Ran, Pixin; Welte, Tobias; Obaseki, Daniel; Erhabor, Gregory; Elsony, Asma; Osman, Nada Bakri; Ahmed, Rana; Nizankowska-Mogilnicka, Ewa; Mejza, Filip; Mannino, David M; Bárbara, Cristina; Wouters, Emiel F.M.; Idolor, Luisito F.; Loh, Li-Cher; Rashid, Abdul; Juvekar, Sanjay; Gislason, Thorarinn; Al Ghobain, Mohamed; Studnicka, Michael; Harrabi, Imed; Denguezli, Meriam; Koul, Parvaiz A; Jenkins, Christine; Marks, Guy; Jõgi, Rain; Hafizi, Hasan; Janson, Christer; Tan, Wan C; Aquart-Stewart, Althea; Mbatchou, Bertrand; Nafees, Asaad; Gunasekera, Kirthi; Seemungal, Terry; Padukudru Anand, Mahesh; Enright, Paul; Vollmer, William M.; Blangiardo, Marta; Elfadaly, Fadlalla G. and Buist, A. Sonia
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 203(11) (pp. 1353-1365)

On quantifying expert opinion about multinomial models that contain covariates (2020-06)
Elfadaly, Fadlalla and Garthwaite, Paul
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society), 183(3) (pp. 959-981)

Modified confidence intervals for the Mahalanobis distance (2017-08)
Garthwaite, Paul H.; Elfadaly, Fadlalla G. and Crawford, John R.
Statistics & Probability Letters, 127 (pp. 131-137)

Eliciting Dirichlet and Gaussian copula prior distributions for multinomial models (2017-03-31)
Elfadaly, Fadlalla G. and Garthwaite, Paul H.
Statistics and Computing, 27(2) (pp. 449-467)

On point estimation of the abnormality of a Mahalanobis index (2016-07)
Elfadaly, Fadlalla G.; Garthwaite, Paul H. and Crawford, John R.
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 99 (pp. 115-130)

Eliciting prior distributions for extra parameters in some generalized linear models (2015-08-01)
Elfadaly, Fadlalla G. and Garthwaite, Paul H.
Statistical Modelling, 15(4) (pp. 345-365)

Two-Term Edgeworth Expansions for the Classes of U- and V-statistics (2014)
Elfadaly, Fadlalla G. and El Gayar, Sanaa M.
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 43(22) (pp. 4679-4706)

Eliciting Dirichlet and Connor–Mosimann prior distributions for multinomial models (2013-11)
Elfadaly, Fadlalla G. and Garthwaite, Paul H.
TEST, 22(4) (pp. 628-646)

Prior distribution elicitation for generalized linear and piecewise-linear models (2013-01)
Garthwaite, Paul H.; Al-Awadhi, Shafeeqah A.; Elfadaly, Fadlalla G. and Jenkinson, David J.
Journal of Applied Statistics, 40(1) (pp. 59-75)

Recent Advances in the Elicitation of Uncertainty Distributions from Experts for Multinomial Probabilities (2021)
Wilson, Kevin J.; Elfadaly, Fadlalla G.; Garthwaite, Paul H. and Oakley, Jeremy E.
In: Hanea, Anca M.; Nane, Gabriela F.; Bedford, Tim and French, Simon eds. Expert Judgement in Risk and Decision Analysis. International Series in Operations Research & Management Science (pp. 19-51)
ISBN : 978-3-030-46474-5 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Cham

On eliciting expert opinion in generalized linear models (2010)
Elfadaly, Fadlalla and Garthwaite, Paul H.
In : Tenth Islamic Countries Conference on Statistical Sciences (ICCS-X) (20-23 Dec 2009, Cairo, Egypt)