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Centre for the History of the Mathematical SciencesCentreFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


[Editorial] The Jeffreys–Lindley paradox: an exchange (2023-05-30)
Gray, Jeremy; Cherry, Joshua L.; Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan and Ly, Alexander
Archive for History of Exact Sciences, 77(4) (pp. 443-449)

[Book review] Kevin Lambert, Symbols and Things: Material Mathematics in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (2023-01)
Gray, Jeremy
Centaurus, 65(2) (pp. 433-435)

F. S. Macaulay: From plane curves to Gorenstein rings (2023)
Eisenbud, David and Gray, Jeremy
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, 60(3) (pp. 371-406)

A Question of Fundamental Methodology: Reply to Mikhail Katz and His Coauthors (2022-09)
Archibald, Tom; Arthur, Richard T. W.; Ferraro, Giovanni; Gray, Jeremy; Jesseph, Douglas; Lützen, Jesper; Panza, Marco; Rabouin, David and Schubring, Gert
The Mathematical Intelligencer, 44 (pp. 360-363)

Poincaré Replies to Hilbert: On the future of mathematics ca. 1908 (2012-10)
Gray, Jeremy
Mathematical Intelligencer, 34(3) (pp. 15-29)

Poincaré and the idea of a group (2012-09)
Gray, Jeremy
Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, 13(3) (pp. 178-186)

History of mathematics and history of science reunited? (2011-09)
Gray, Jeremy
Isis, 102(3) (pp. 511-517)

The work of Jesse Douglas on Minimal Surfaces (2008-02)
Gray, Jeremy
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, 45(2) (pp. 293-302)

Geometry at Cambridge, 1863-1940 (2006-08)
Barrow-Green, June and Gray, Jeremy
Historia Mathematica, 33(3) (pp. 315-356)

Anxiety and abstraction in Nineteenth-Century Mathematics (2004-06)
Gray, Jeremy J.
Science in Context, 17(2) (pp. 23-47)

The History of Mathematics: A Source-Based Approach (2019)
Barrow-Green, June; Gray, Jeremy and Wilson, Robin
ISBN : 9781470443528 | Publisher : The American Mathematical Society | Published : Providence, USA

Hidden Harmony — Geometric Fantasies: The rise of complex function theory (2013-07-02)
Bottazzini, Umberto and Gray, Jeremy J.
Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
ISBN : 978-1461457244 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Heidelberg

Henri Poincaré: a scientific biography (2012-11)
Gray, Jeremy
ISBN : 9780691152714 | Publisher : Princeton University Press | Published : Princeton, New Jersey

Worlds out of Nothing: A Course on the History of Geometry in the 19th Century (2010)
Gray, Jeremy
Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series
ISBN : 978-0-85729-059-5 | Publisher : Springer | Published : London

Plato's Ghost: the modernist transformation of mathematics (2008)
Gray, Jeremy
ISBN : 978-0-691-13610-3 | Publisher : Princeton University Press | Published : Princeton New Jersey, USA

Worlds out of nothing: a course in the history of geometry in the 19th Century (2007)
Gray, Jeremy
Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series
ISBN : 978-1-84628-632-2 | Publisher : Springer | Published : London, UK

Janos Bolyai, non-Euclidean geometry, and the nature of space (2004)
Gray, Jeremy J.
Burndy Library Publications (new series)
ISBN : 262571749 | Publisher : Burndy Library MIT Press | Published : Cambridge, Mass., USA

Reflections (2023-11-27)
Gray, Jeremy
In: Chemla, Karine; Ferreirós, José; Ji, Lizhen; Scholz, Erhard and Wang, Chang eds. The Richness of the History of Mathematics: A Tribute to Jeremy Gray. Archimedes (ARIM) (pp. 677-691)
ISBN : 978-3-031-40855-7 | Publisher : Springer, Cham

Some Problems in the History of Modern Mathematics (2022-08-03)
Gray, Jeremy
In: Morel, Jean-Michel and Teissier, Bernard eds. Mathematics Going Forward : Collected Mathematical Brushstrokes. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (pp. 315-323)
ISBN : 978-3-031-12244-6 | Publisher : Springer

Overstating their case? Reflections on British pure mathematics in the 19th century (2011)
Gray, Jeremy
In: Flood, Raymond; Rice, Adrian and Wilson, Robin eds. Mathematics in Victorian Britain (pp. 397-414)
ISBN : 978 0 19 960139 4 | Publisher : Oxford University Press | Published : Oxford

Poincaré and complex function theory (2010)
Gray, Jeremy
In: Bour, Pierre; Rebuschi, Manuel and Rollet, Laurent eds. Construction: Festschrift for Gerhard Heinzmann. Tributes (14) (pp. 3-22)
ISBN : 978 1 84890 016 5 | Publisher : College Publications | Published : London

Nineteenth century analysis as philosophy of mathematics (2009)
Gray, Jeremy
In: Van Kerkhove, Bart ed. New Perspectives on Mathematical Practice (pp. 138-149)
ISBN : 981-281-222-9 | Publisher : World Scientific | Published : Singapore

A History of Prizes in Mathematics (2006)
Gray, Jeremy
In: Carlson, J.; Jaffe, A. and Wiles, A. eds. The Millennium Prize Problems (pp. 3-30)
ISBN : 0-8218-3679-X | Publisher : CMI/AMS | Published : Cambridge, Mass. USA, and Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Languages for mathematics and the language of mathematics in a world of nations (2002)
Gray, Jeremy
In: Parshall, Karen Hunger and Rice, Adrian C eds. Mathematics unbound: the evolution of an international mathematical research community, 1800-1945. History of mathematics (23) (pp. 210-228)
ISBN : 821821245 | Publisher : American Mathematical Society and London Mathematical Society | Published : Providence, Rhode Island USA

Mathematics, motion, and truth: the Earth goes round the Sun (2009)
Gray, Jeremy
In : Canadian Mathematical Society and the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (4-8 Jun 2009, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada)