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Dr Matthew Jacques

Dr Matthew Jacques

Profile summary

Research interests

I study semigroups of hyperbolic isometries and their parameter spaces. More broadly I am interested in discrete conformal dynamics and hyperbolic geometry.

Teaching interests

I chair the MSc module M829 (Analytic Number Theory II) and tutor the MSc modules M823, M835, M820 and M840 (Analytic Number Theory I, Fractal Geometry, Calculus of Variations and Riemann Surfaces). I also tutor M303 (Level 3 Pure Mathematics). In the past I have chaired the MSc modules M828 (Applied Complex Variables) and M823 (Analytic Number Theory I).


Semigroups of isometries of the hyperbolic plane (2021)
Jacques, Matthew and Short, Ian
International Mathematics Research Notices, 2022(9) (pp. 6403-6463)

Repeated compositions of Möbius transformations (2020)
Jacques, Matthew and Short, Ian
Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 40(2) (pp. 437-452)

Composition Sequences and Semigroups of Möbius Transformations (2016-12-19)
Jacques, Matthew
PhD thesis The Open University