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Conversations with Iphigenia


photo of the panel for 'Conversations with Iphigenia'

This page contains links to the transcripts (edited by Christine Plastow) of two roundtable discussions held at University College London and the University of Bristol in May 2016 with the playwrights of The Iphigenia Quartet, performed at the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill. It also contains an introduction by Christine Plastow. 

The roundtable discussions brought together practitioners and academics to discuss the writing processes of the individual plays, as well as wider-ranging issues considering theatre translation and adaptation more generally and of Greek tragedy in particular. The first part of each transcript documents the playwrights’ observations about their own creative processes when working on these adaptations. These observations are followed by questions and open discussion, touching on feminist adaptations, political uses for Greek tragedy, the usefulness of the terms ‘translation’ and ‘adaptation’ for various individuals and groups, and the practical issues involved in creating a new work based on classical subject matter, amongst other topics.