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PVCRS was founded by Lorna Hardwick in 2007, in response to the growing awareness that Classical Reception research has to recognise the full range of processes that shape the impact of classical material in new contexts.

The current editor is Jessica Hughes (Department of Classical Studies, The Open University).


Steering Committee Members:

Emma Bridges

Jasmine Hunter-Evans

Joanna Paul

Christine Plastow


International Advisory Board Members: 

Freddy Decreus 

Michael Ewans 

Stephen Harrison 

Lorna Hardwick 

Ruth Hazel 

Fiona Macintosh 

Deborah Roberts 

Christopher Stray 


We are grateful to the following colleagues for their work on establishing and developing the journal:

Trish Cashen (technical and creative advisor from 2012-2017).

Carol Gillespie (editorial assistant from 2007-2011).

Pat Easterling (advisory board member between 2007 and 2012).

Greg Woolf (advisory board member between 2007 and 2012). 

Nehad Selaiha (advisory board member between 2007 and 2017).

Copyright Notice

Authors of works in PVCRS retain copyright. As of 2023, all content is published under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY 4.0) unless stated otherwise. Use of PVCRS content under this licence requires that the work is fully attributed. In citing PVCRS, please acknowledge the author, source and retain all notices relating to ownership of files.

Please note that images and other items within PVCRS articles may be subject to different copyright and licensing terms and should only be used in accordance with the stated terms. 

Installation of paintings by Umberto Passeretti in Trajan's Markets, 2016. 




Contact us

Practitioners and academics who are interested in contributing to the journal should write directly to the Editor, who can advise on formats and timescales for submissions. 

Jessica Hughes (PVCRS Editor)

NB. away on research leave from Oct 23 to Oct 24 - during this time any general enquiries should be directed to

Christine Plastow (PVCRS Steering Committee)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes