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Informed by our project activities and community engagement, we have developed resource guides for those who wish to find out more about how to explore and preserve the history and heritage of specific religious traditions in London. See also the resource guide for the Anglican tradition in London, which was produced for the previous phase of this project, Building on History: The Church in London. These resource guides also aim to stimulate and enable further research into the history of religion in London.


Please see our copyright statement below regarding the copying, distribution and adaption of the material.

© The 2010-2013 The Authors. The authors that have contributed to this website own the copyright. Whilst, except where otherwise indicated, the authors retain all rights to this material, limited sections of the guide may be copied and distributed in fair and reasonable ways for uses congruent with the author’s aims. Permission should always be sought if you would like to adapt the material in significant ways. If you are in any doubt as to whether your usage is in agreement with these terms, please seek permissions from the owners.



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