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INVEST - Tapping into Ambition: Rethinking how we invest in workforce talent

A old-hat learning is failing to support the aspirations people have for their careers, hobbies, work-life blend and families. How can organisations move past the conventional and tap into people’s diverse ambitions in a way that supports business performance? Thinking outside the traditional L&D box, a handful of businesses have tapped into ambition by encouraging development in skills beyond that which the business requires, through adopting the novel approach of ‘learning as a benefit’.

Everybody in the Royal Navy or Armed Forces is going through some sort of training. As you come in you’re on some sort of learning programme. Personal development is just as important as professional development because it builds the individual, it builds their confidence and self-awareness. It unlocks their potential and where they can get to.

Lt Cdr Norma Muyambo
Skills Policy, Ministry of Defence

Take inspiration from these organisations in the last of three panel discussions on ‘Tapping into ambition’ – an on-demand hybrid event from The Open University in partnership with TrainingZone that explored and evolved the concept of learning as a benefit in the new world of work.

In the post-pandemic and post-Brexit world the skills landscape has changed significantly. Organisations need to take a long-term view. It’s not about doing it when there’s a problem, it’s about having a foresight.

Mark Cameron OBE
CEO, The 5% Club

Through the lens of mutual commitment, this panel discussion explored:

  • The business case – how to secure senior buy-in and obtain financial investment
  • Worker loyalty and its financial benefits
  • How learning as a benefit impacts the business

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The speakers

Lt Cdr Norma Muyambo, Skills Policy, Ministry of Defence
Mark Cameron OBE, CEO, The 5% Club

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