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RETAIN - Tapping into Ambition: Rethinking how we retain workforce talent

A few pioneering businesses have entered into new territory that has reaped great results for worker retention. These organisations have tapped into ambition through adopting ‘learning as a benefit’ and seeing improvements in worker loyalty, wellbeing, inclusion and social mobility.

We should be looking at retention as part of your recruitment strategy. It’s not done is isolation or a siloed activity. We should be thinking in terms of re-recruiting every day. That’s part of your retention and ongoing engagement. Re-recruiting every day is keeping people engaged, retained and valued. You re-recruit everyday otherwise somebody else will be recruiting them.

Ettie McCormack
Learning & Performance Consultant

Learn how you can evolve your retention strategy in the second of three panel discussions on ‘Tapping into ambition’ – an on-demand hybrid event from The Open University in partnership with TrainingZone that explored and evolved the concept of learning as a benefit in the new world of work.

Bringing together the practices of modern people professionals, this panel discussion explored how to rethink:

  • Learning – through progressive models that extend L&D opportunities
  • Inclusion – through supporting and enabling all workers across the ecosystem
  • Benefits – through moving beyond traditional benefits packages

Gen Z are asking ‘how does my future look and how am I going to get there.’ Any organisation that can help solve that problem is really going to benefit.

Paul Hillan
Head of Organisational Learning, The Open University

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The speakers

Paul Hillan, Head of Organisational Learning, The Open University
Ettie McCormack, Learning & Performance Consultant, STEP Forward Solutions

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