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New partnership drives strategic skills development in logistics and transport sector

A new partnership between The Open University (OU) and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT) aims to develop strategic and leadership skills within the sector.

20th July 2022

Business Barometer reveals impact of UK skills shortage

The Open University (OU) has partnered with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) to publish a new report looking into the size, nature and impact of the UK skills shortage.

29th June 2022

Finding a different route into teaching

Louise has been a teaching assistant in a secondary school for six years and really enjoys her job. However, her ambition has always been to become a fully-qualified teacher, with an eye to specialising in sport. To realise that ambition she knew she needed to acquire a degree-level qualification. 

22nd June 2022

New report: Trends in Learning 2022

Every year The Open University (OU) looks at emerging workplace learning trends, publishing the findings in our annual Trends in Learning report. 

15th June 2022

New podcast: Enhancing skills in Northern Ireland’s tech sector

There is a widespread skills shortage in IT and professional services roles. In this podcast, our guests explain how flexible learning can address these challenges and how Belfast-based Datactics is proactively facing these challenges.

13th June 2022

INVEST - Tapping into Ambition: Rethinking how we invest in workforce talent

A old-hat learning is failing to support the aspirations people have for their careers, hobbies, work-life blend and families. How can organisations move past the conventional and tap into people’s diverse ambitions in a way that supports business performance? Thinking outside the traditional L&D box, a handful of businesses have tapped into ambition by encouraging development in skills beyond that which the business requires, through adopting the novel approach of ‘learning as a benefit’.

9th June 2022

RETAIN - Tapping into Ambition: Rethinking how we retain workforce talent

A few pioneering businesses have entered into new territory that has reaped great results for worker retention. These organisations have tapped into ambition through adopting ‘learning as a benefit’ and seeing improvements in worker loyalty, wellbeing, inclusion and social mobility.

9th June 2022

ATTRACT - Tapping into Ambition: Rethinking how we attract workforce talent

A handful of progressive organisations have found a novel solution to the struggles of talent acquisition in a candidate-driven market. These pioneers have tapped into ambition through adopting a new approach called ‘learning as a benefit’ – and it is working.

9th June 2022

Tapping into ambition: Rethinking how we attract, retain, and invest with workforce talent

In the current candidate-driven market, traditional employee benefits are no longer meeting the evolving expectations of workers, and old-hat L&D processes are failing to support the ambitions people have for their careers, hobbies, work-life blend, and families.

9th June 2022

Supporting skills development in Northern Ireland’s manufacturing sector

It’s Manufacturing Month in Northern Ireland this month. Led by the campaigning organisation Manufacturing NI, there’s a programme of events highlighting the successes and challenges facing the sector currently. To mark the initiative, The Open University (OU) Northern Ireland produced a podcast, discussing the future of skills and learning in Northern Ireland’s manufacturing sector.

18th May 2022

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