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"It sounds like a whisper”: feminist psychology and the gendering of power (Inaugural Lecture)

Thursday, March 21, 2024 - 17:30 to 18:30
Online, or in-person (Berril Theatre, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA)
Inaugural Lectures-Image of Rose Capdevila

In her inaugural lecture, Rose Capdevila, Professor of Psychology at the OU, will discuss her research around the gendering of power in three contexts: activism, the history of psychology and social media.

Informed by intersectional feminist theory, which argues that different types of discrimination can operate together to make each other worse, the lecture will explore the relational constitution and legitimisation of gender in these spaces.

Read the abstract for this event via Research at The Open University website

About Rose Capdevila

Rose Capdevila is Professor of Psychology at The Open University. Her research takes an intersectional feminist approach to gender in digital spaces. She also has an interest in the history of UK feminist psychology and is a member of Psychology’s Feminist Voices international team. Rose has been co-editor of Feminism & Psychology and is past chair of the Psychology of Women & Equalities Section (PoWES) of the British Psychological Society. She was co-editor of the award-winning Handbook of International Feminisms: Perspectives on Psychology, Women, Culture, and Rights and in 2022 co-authored A Feminist Companion to Research Methods in Psychology. She recently published a co-edited volume The Palgrave Handbook of Power, Gender and Psychology in which she contributed a chapter on “Social Media and Gendered Power: Young Women, Authenticity, and the Curation of Self”. She is currently working on two externally funded projects on gender in online environments.

Event programme

17:00 Registration opens
17:30 Inaugural Lecture
18:10 Q&A
18:30 Networking over refreshments

This event will also be recorded and livestreamed to YouTube and our Research webpages.

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If you are viewing the event by livestream, please do take the opportunity to have your questions answered by our speakers LIVE during the event by emailing the Inaugural Lectures team via <>.

We very much hope you will attend what promises to be an inspiring event and have your say and join us to celebrate Professor Capdevila, and her research into the gendering of power across the contexts of activism, the history of psychology and social media.