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Outcome measures and evaluation - Book launch (A SPR UK Free Online Research Event)

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - 18:30 to 19:30

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The Society for Psychotherapy Research UK Chapter, where Professor Naomi Moller is President and Dr Andreas Vossler is a member of the Local Committee, is proud to offer a series of free online research events for psychotherapy researchers (both novice and experienced) and research-interested practitioners. Employing a range of different event formats (e.g., panel discussion, online lecture, student presentations), expert psychotherapy researchers will present and discuss their current research projects and methodologies with their implications for psychotherapy practice. An online student research seminar will offer clinical/counselling psychology students the opportunity to present their own research and view research being done by other students.

The online events are available free of charge for both SPR members and non-members.

Open to everyone - students, researchers, and practitioners

Title: Outcome measures and evaluation – Book launch and discussion

Authors: Dr Chris Evans, Visiting Professor, UDLA Quito, Ecuador & Dr Jo-anne Carlyle, Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist 


There are many views of change and outcome measurement (OM) and it sometimes seems to divide researchers from practitioners and both from clients though it seems it should be joining all three groups. We hope our book is a bridging book not a separating one. However, we have tried to expose the many myths about the topic while also stressing the gains available from routine change measurement and practice-based evidence (PBE). We do stress that the field risks accepting a very narrow view of the area and one that can exclude many potential client groups.

We hope to use the seminar to give a precis of the main arguments (and share Randall Munroe's generously donated cartoons) and then to have a constructive discussion: so please buy the book and read chapter 10 on constructive discussions to be sure to help us with that!  No, seriously, do come and join the discussion and get a sense of the book.

The book is available at and there is supplementary material including all the figures and a growing glossary.

Dr Chris Evans is no longer a visiting professor at Sheffield as he was during the gestation of the book but is very happily now a visiting professor in UDLA, Quito in Ecuador and continues to be a freelance researcher. He's a co-founder of the CORE system and runs the CORE site and has too many research interests.

Dr Jo-anne Carlyle is director of A clinical and forensic psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and organisational consultant she been engaged in research, clinical work and education for over 30 years. She held a number of roles in SPR UK and was the Chair of the organising committee of the SPR International Conference in Edinburgh in 2006.

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