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Opening Psychology for Changing Times

The Open Psychology Research Centre (OPRC), a new research centre at the School of Psychology and Counselling,  has held its launch event online (28 June 2021- 06 July 2021). We showcased online presentations from Psychologists based in The Open University’s School of Psychology & Counselling. On the final day- July 6th the Centre was formally opened by Professor Tim Blackman, Vice Chancellor of The Open University, and Professor Ian Fribbance, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. We marked this event with invited keynote talks from Professor Ann Phoenix (University College, London), Professor Helen Spandler (University of Central Lancashire), and Professor Laurence Alison (University of Liverpool). Each keynote were followed by commentaries and Q&A lead by members of the Open Psychology Research Centre’s three research strands: Culture and Social Psychology (CuSP), Forensic Cognition (FCRG), and Psychology of Health and Well-being (PHeW).

Pre-launch event activities: Full details, such as speakers, Interview videos and all three strand animations can be found on the Centre Launch Event Page

Please see below the presentations delivered at the event ‘Opening Psychology for Changing Times’ launching the Open Psychology Research Centre at The Open University.


A positive legacy? Creative subjectivities in the wake of the pandemic delivered by Prof Stephanie Taylor. Post-talk blog.

Beyond Milgram: Towards a Theory of Implicit Violence delivered by Dr David Kaposi. Post-talk blog.

Can the Public Rule the World: Public Dialogue Psychology Collaboratory delivered by Dr Kesi MahendranPost-talk blog.

Captive Geographies: Places, Identities and the ‘Time-Geography’ of Sectarian Segregation in Belfast delivered by Prof John Dixon. Post-talk blog.

Client Perspectives on Preferences in Psychotherapy: A Consensual Qualitative Research delivered by Dr Gina Di MaltaPost-talk blog.

Contestation at the borderlands between migration, childhood and care: An exploration of child language brokers and lone child migrants delivered by Prof Sarah Crafter. Post-talk blog.

Critical and Discursive Psychological Approaches to Bullying delivered by Dr Karen Hagan. Post-talk blog.

Harmful Evidence and Evidencing Harm in the Criminal Justice System delivered by Prof Graham PikePost-talk blog.

Informing Reform: Does the Not Proven Verdict Have a Place in a Modern Courtroom? delivered by Dr Lee Curley Post-talk blog.

Mobile Phone Use by Drivers: What We Know, and How to Share Such Inconvenient Truths delivered by Dr Gemma Briggs Post-talk blog.

Past, Present and Future: How We Use History to Make Sense of Politics delivered by Dr Sandra ObradovicPost-talk blog.

Re-Imagining Group Differences in Scientific Psychology delivered by Prof Peter HegartyPost-talk blog.

Stories of sexual citizenship: conviction and critique delivered by Prof Darren Langdridge. Post-talk blog.

Symposium: Using Research to Impact Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice and Mental Health Policy delivered by Prof Naomi Moller and Dr Andreas Vossler

The Experience of Time in Pandemics and Beyond: Views from an Open Psychology delivered by Prof Paul StennerPost-talk blog.

External Keynote Speakers and Discussions Led by Members of the OPRC

Energetic Openings: Intersectional Psychology and Social Justice Trajectories delivered by Prof Ann Phoenix

Dr Johanna Motzkau: Discussion

Dr Jovan Byford: Discussion

Revenge vs Rapport in Securing Information from High Value Detainees delivered by Prof Laurence Alison

Dr Zoe Walkington: Discussion

Dr Jim Turner: Discussion

The Politics of Mental Health: Taking Experiential Knowledge Seriously delivered by Prof Helen Spandler

Dr Simon Clarke: Discussion

Dr Laura McGrath: Discussion