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  • Putting Psychology in Its Place

    27th September 2022

    In collaboration with the OU social psychologist Professor Paul Stenner, historian of psychology Graham Richards has just published the 4th Edition of Putting psychology in its place: Critical historical perspectives (Routledge 2022).


  • Psychology in the arts, arts in Psychology

    27th September 2022

    The Open Psychology Research Centre event brings together OU Psychologists and Arts scholars to share their research and discuss new ways for Art and Psychology to collaborate.

  • REF2021 Results

    1st August 2022

    The REF 2021 results are out now and publicly available, with league tables appearing in THE and other outlets. The School of Psychology & Counselling entered the A4 unit (Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience) in this REF 2021 exercise.

  • Distraction and focus: why is phone use by drivers a problem?

    16th June 2022

    On 20th May, Gemma Briggs, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, discussed research findings on hands-free mobile phone use by drivers. This is the second seminar in a series of Open Psychology Research Centre talks for students.

  • New Psychology paper asks: Are we experiencing a societal crisis of listening?

    14th June 2022

    Is there a crisis of listening? New research from FASS academic explores theoretical and practical implications of troubled listening spots in polarised public debate.

  • OU launches new online CPD course: Video and phone counselling 2.0: advancing your knowledge

    9th May 2022

    This 20-hour online CPD course provides research-informed knowledge and support for practitioners to improve the effectiveness and safety of the counselling and psychotherapy they are offering remotely (video/phone) for both new and existing clients.

  • Opening Psychology… What? Why? How? Who? When?

    9th May 2022

    The Open Psychology Research Centre is hosting an event in June at which an international panel of speakers who are advisors to our Centre will engage the theme of opening psychology.

  • The Persuasive Power of Political Narratives

    21st April 2022

    Scholars explore the persuasive power of political narratives in this film, telling how the Centre for Narrative Research built a truly international network and became the Association of Narrative Research and Practice (ANRP).

  • Covid-19 Pandemic and the Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

    19th April 2022

    Professor Jovan Byford delivered the first Open Psychology Research Centre talk for students. The short lecture reflected on the lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic for the psychology of conspiracy theories.

  • Open Psychology Research Centre publishes first annual review

    3rd March 2022

    The Open Psychology Research Centre has published the first issue of its annual review, providing an overview of the Centre and its activities during the inaugural year 2020-2021.