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Our partner organisations and subsidiaries

There are also jobs available with our various partner and subsidiaries organisations.

The below provides a brief explanation about each of these OU partner and subsidiary orgainisations and their individual function related to The Open University.

There are also some links available below for you to be able to view the vacancies that are held within these partner organisations and subsidiaries.

OU Students Association website image

OU Students Association

Open University (OU) Students Association enables students to influence how the University is run. They exist to promote Student interests and to ensure the OU is more than just a place of learning but a student community. It’s run by students, for students via a network of local assemblies and representatives throughout the OU regions, as well as operating centrally. For details see the OUSA website.
Current vacancies are listed here.

OU Worldwide

Open University Worldwide seeks to form partnerships with diverse institutions in the UK and internationally to assist them in offering their own educational programmes based on The Open University's course materials and methodology. You can view details about Open University Worldwide on the Open University Worldwide website.
View current vacancies here.



Open College of the Arts

The Open College of the Arts (OCA) is a leading provider of flexible, open creative arts courses, a thriving educational charity, and part of The Open University. The Open University is a world leader in distance education and shares with OCA a common heritage of being founded by Michael Young. With The Open University, the OCA will be exploring a shared mission of open access and widening participation, providing access to high quality higher education to all through distance learning.

View current vacancies.


Please note that benefits may vary from those in the OU vacancies.