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Fairness and Financial Markets

How a force for good is tackling poverty

Jonquil Lowe, Senior Lecturer in Economics and Personal Finance, talks about a recent workshop she attended as part by the Finance Innovation Lab to discuss ideas to tackle the poverty premium.

5 November 2018, 20:39
pensioner and nurse image

How to Settle Social Care Funding Once and For All - Janette Rutterford

Theresa May's U-turn on social care funding shows how hard it is to fix. But, argues Janette Rutterford, there is a logical solution.

21 June 2017, 09:53
Hands off my pension. shutterstock image

Why the Pensions 'Triple Lock' Has Become a Key General Election Issue - Jonquil Lowe

As pensions – which make up the biggest portion of the UK's welfare budget – hit the headlines again, Jonquil Lowe explains the 'triple lock'.


19 May 2017, 10:13
Oxford Street image

Higher Inflation's Hidden, But Hazardous, Boost to Britain's Economic Recovery Plans - Alan Shipman

Although the UK inflation rate has leapt to 2.3%, Alan Shipman investigates why the government is secretly happy.

22 March 2017, 16:57
Change in individual taxes and cash benefits graph image

Austerity Isn't Working for Everyone – Especially Women - Jerome De Henau

A Conversation blogpost from Jerome De Henau argues that women have borne the brunt of government austerity policies since 2010.

13 March 2017, 10:43
American economist Irving Fisher image

Banks Like RBS Still Look Risky, But Getting Too Tough Could Cause Greater Problems - Alan Shipman

After RBS fails the Bank of England's stress tests, Alan Shipman explores why eight years of economic recovery haven't cured the banking woes.


4 January 2017, 13:30
Ed Balls in Strictly Come Dancing. Nick Ansell PA Wire/PA Image

Autumn Statement 2016: Tories Shift to Growth Strategy in an Ed Balls-Style Pirouette - Alan Shipman

Hammond has taken an oddly similar stance to former shadow chancellor Ed Balls: running a deficit and boosting infrastructure spending.


28 December 2016, 09:38
Piggy bank image

Banking 'Shake-Up' Relies Too Much on Customers Shopping Around - Jonquil Lowe

A common cry from regulators is that customers must shop around for the best offer – but research shows households rarely look for a better banking deal.

6 September 2016, 10:12
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How Bank of England Rate Cut Will Hit Personal Finances - Jonquil Lowe

As the Bank of England cuts interest rates to a historic low of 0.25% and injects further quantitative easing, Jonquil Lowe explores the potential effects.

25 August 2016, 10:21
Icelandic fishing boats image

Diamond Geysers: Rule-breaking Iceland Completes Miracle Economic Escape - Alan Shipman

One of the worst-hit countries during the financial crisis has regained economic strength inside a gilded cage – which it can now melt down to re-sell the gold.

8 June 2016, 13:27

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